crevin® was established in 1976 at a time that was marked by change and positivism. The challenge was creating something new and meaningful.
Since 1976 the brand has been manufacturing high-quality upholstery fabrics designed
and produced locally.

​​​​​​​Integrating the claim and the logo in one single piece while maintaining the squared structure as well as ameliorating the claim.​​​​​​​
A new monogram was drawn to improve its performance at small sizes.
This modernised version shows less contrast between its letterforms and a sensible increase on its x-height. The most significant revision was focused on accentuating the eye of the "e" and the shoulders of "r" & "n". Also, the tracking was augmented to improve readability.
Efficiency is Crevin’s functional design brand that unites easy clean with performance and sustainability.
Two Worlds is an exclusive brand of natural, high-performing fabrics.
Crevin offers a great range of colours in all of their products. The new logotype is prepared to perform in great harmony in all possible cases without sacrificing its readability.
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